Lyndal Maloney

Lyndal Med Res Photo

Executive Officer

Lyndal Maloney brings a wealth of experience in business, politics, media, social media and networking.  She has a strong business background with over 30 years experience including roles as Principal/Director of several industry award-winning businesses.

Despite her business involvement, Lyndal’s true passion has always been politics, where for over 25 years she has been involved in campaigns at local, state and federal level.

For many years she was involved in lobbying for changes to government legislation to protect independent fuel operators, working with key industry figureheads, researching various world markets and organising media campaigns to bring about more awareness.

Lyndal’s greatest strengths are her enthusiasm and dedication, including attention to detail and thirst for knowledge. Her compassion and understanding for others belies the quiet but fierce determination she has to achieve outcomes.  She is greatly respected by those who have worked with her and know her in political and business circles.